Lola Ahonkhai

Lola Ahonkhai is originally from a design and arts management background and made the transition into training and education project management within the charity and public sectors, spending several years working with young people and adults teaching them the skills needed to prepare them for the world of work; mentoring and supporting them as they overcame personal barriers to their learning. Now a Learning and Development Consultant with a mandate to motivate and encourage people, Lola is passionate about promoting Lifelong Learning and using blended learning solutions to promote the word of God and develop people.

Lola is married to Pastor Sunny Ahonkhai and they have two children.  She enjoys travelling, art & design, photography and watching films.  Lola hosts the ‘Women of God’ programme which facilitates women’s spiritual, physical emotional health and well-being; enabling the development and balance of women’s lives as Christians, mothers, wives, learners and professionals, to gain maximum fulfilment.