It involves confession

II It involves confession

A When the man lost the edge, he had to tell Elisha what had happened.

1 He confessed the fact he’s lost the cutting edge.

a “I should’ve noticed the head was loose…paid more attention…tightened it up.”

b He told his master, “I lost it.”

B If we’ve lost our edge (want it back), we must honestly come to God & say, “I just don’t have the fire I used to! I’m not as close to the Lord as I used to be! I need the power of the Lord operating through me to get the job done.”

1 We must come clean to God.

a God already knows…

b He wants me to know

2 We need to relearn the path to the actor.

C To get our cutting edge back, we must admit to God we need Him, His power & presence (then we’ll see souls saved, delivered, set free, experience God, supernatural).

III It involves comprehension

A One of the reasons the man was so upset was that the axe head didn’t belong to him (borrowed).

1 The man trusted the young prophet, & so he lent him his axe.

a We’d go buy him a new one today…much more difficult then.

b The prophet had to replace it! (Obviously couldn’t because he had to borrow the one he’d just lost)

2 The prophet didn’t want to violate the trust.

B Lesson: whatever power we operate in is borrowed power.

1 …but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth. Acts 1:8 (NASB)

2 Don’t ever think/act like God can’t get along with us!

a The Lord gives & takes away

b The same God who saves who He wants, also gives power to those whom He wants…He won’t give you more than you’re qualified for.

IV It involves coming back.

A As soon as Elisha heard, take me to where you lost the axe head.

B Church, if we’ve lost the cutting edge, we must return to the place we lost the power.

1 We’ll see why the power was forfeited.

a Sin we’ve committed, priorities misplaced

b Guilty of trusting the flesh over the Spirit.

2 We need to go back, pinpoint areas of our lives that have stood between us & the power of God.

3 Close correlation, where did we lose the power?

V It involves confrontation

A Elisha cuts down sapling (tree) & throws it into the river.

1 The axe head floats to the top.

a The tree confronts the water

b Supernatural confronts the natural

2 When he gave up trying to get the axe on his own…miraculous happened.

B Lesson: when we experience a confrontation with the tree, we experience the supernatural power of God.

1 It can get weird-sticks & axe heads floating

2 Delivered, marriages restored, healed people that were sick, operating in the Spirit.

VI It involves commitment

A The last thing the young prophet did was reach down, get the axe head.

1 He committed himself to receiving what the Lord had done!

2 The story ends here, but I believe he put the axe head back on the handle & went back to cutting wood.

a Able to do what needed to be done!

B I believe God has power available to those who are willing to pay the price & who will reach out & take it by faith.

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