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Trusting in God Alone

The miracle is not only about the object of the provision, protection, or replacement.

The true miracle is the internal response that is created in us to transform us from our current level of faith or trust in God to the next.

God holds all things in His wisdom. So there is nothing that God needs from us other than a surrendered heart and a burning tenacity to be used of Him.

In the story of Hannah, it was God who shut up her womb.

She was placed at home where though she was loved, however was constantly reminded of her worthlessness.

Now, how did Hannah respond? She cried and refused to eat and was depressed. When she turned to her husband for support, his words could not satisfy her lack.

Maybe this was the first time it hit Hannah that Elkanah was not the only avenue through which her fulfillment would be realised, “I don’t know” however, this time her response to the shame, anger and insecurity led her to God’s house.

One interesting observation in this Bible story is that; when Hannah cried out to God, the Bible says it was in her spirit to the extent that her lips moved but no words were audible.

Who hears us when we pray?

Eli couldn’t hear her, but God did.

Eli thought she was filled with a drunken spirit because of her demeanor but God heard a broken spirit and a courageous wife.

Food for thought; Maybe it’s not in the physical exertion and the seemingly pious practices that we find our audience with God, maybe it’s in the authenticity and humility of our devotion.

Her prayer, was an expression of her trust in God to change her circumstance and her station in life.

Once she would become a mother she could no longer be referred to as only Elkanah’s wife. In other words she would be transformed to more, she would come into her own and be known differently.

Isn’t that our experience with Christ today? He takes us from our current place, our association with pain, with the cycle of sin and sacrifice or rather cause and effect or even better the life of experience of living with the consequences of our sinful appetites. Cycle after cycle, like Hannah year after Year going to the temple and returning with the same Christ breaks the cycle symbolized by the cross and ushers us by faith into a life where we live with purpose and fulfillment unto God

God remembered Hannah as she remained faithful in her current circumstance as a wife. God met her where she was, and she conceived. Her circumstance may have been the same, but her mindset was different. She was expectant, she had faith not just for a child but so that she could fulfill her vow to God.

Her purpose was pushing her to believe in what seemed old to have a new result. Her faith was firm enough to believe.

I would like to encourage someone reading this message that; “God still hears prayers and is able to bring our will in alignment with His purpose to give us joy and fulfillment.”

All you need to do is to hold on to your faith, and don’t stop pushing towards what your heart’s desire is.

Scripture reference: Therefore, I too have loaned him to Adonai — as long as he lives, he is on loan to Adonai .” And he prostrated himself there before Adonai .

Sh’mu’el Alef (1 Sa) 1:28 CJB

The Simple Gospel written by: Imohimi Ahonkhai (Canada)

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